Bumhi Safaris

" Our name Bumhi is Shona for The African Wild Dog . We offer you strictly private excluded designed safaris for Families and Couples giving the sense of relaxation,belonging , space and zen . We are young enthusiastic and passionate about our African flora and fauna from micro to big mammals, its people, land and socio-eco balances . A safari with us is not only Off the Beaten Track but wholesome , educative, relaxing ,humble and responsible. Being conscious Africans our team cares for the earth as it is our foundation of life and living. Hospitality on a personal level provided warmly with ever smiling with pride of who we are our earth and gratefulness of having the privileged to experience life on this planet. " We share , we guard, we educate and we celebrate it passionately with you and all beings." We are Post COVID ready , there is no better way to beat travel lock-down blues than slow , private safaris.

Into The Wild!

"Our safari Camps are set  in unspoiled wilderness of Kgalagadi and Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservancies hosted by specialised and superbly trained staff"

        What is A Transfrontier Conservancy ? 

 A Transfrontier Park is an area comprising two areas, which border each other across international boundaries and whose primary focus is wildlife conservation. Opening old migratory routes allowing wildlife to roam as they used to before human obstruction.

Why They Offer Astonishing Wildlife & Nature Experiences


These areas bieng off the grid , less explored , trempled on by human influence are the last remaining wildernesses and growing in size. Because of free Movement Animals have a bigger gene pool and are much more free making these areas home to the most beautiful species . Making these areas highly populated wildlife havens . Conservationists and parties envolved focus on solving human conflict through tourism.

With so much efforts on conservation and less tourists wildlife is abundant and Camp locations are secluded and offer the best scenery and privacy.



Why Book Your Safari With Us ?.

We are newly innovating the safari model and stepping away from the traditional format. Opening doors, opportunities and a platform to young talented Africans with great characters,expressiveness and strong will for preserving and conserving our nature through using tourism as a tool to eliminate further land encroachment and instilling the value of conservation in activities that allow human to seek for income through programs that facilitate for a coexisted space between Humans and wildlife at large and fighting for the little of space of wilderness left for wildlife to call their home. They are the future and the future of this earth is in their hands and together little by little we will achieve a balanced harmonious planet through...

Care, Awareness ,Love, Value ,Education

Every booking is direct support to employing & training local guides, camp assistance and trekkers from Kgalagadi and Great Limpopo Transfrontiers surroundings, working closely with the communities neighboring these Wildlife Conservancies.

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