Flagship Transfrontier Conservancy Safaris

"I never knew of A Morning In Africa when I woke Up And Was Not Happy." Ernest Hemingway

The Concept

"Our Flagship Safari Brand is a concept developed to offer dynamic fusion of comfort in secluded remote wilderness in high pristine wildlife areas that we have mastered and know deeply and support the model of conservation passionately. These safaris camps are set in Transfrontier Conservancy not only do they support wildlife's future and free movement across borders but also supporting communities in these Transfrontier corridors. Reestablishment of wildlife's old migratory Transfrontier corridors is highly crucial in securing an increased healthy gene pool for the future generations of wildlife and most of all being set in protected conservacies you will experience raw Africa as the first explores saw it and enjoyed it falling in love with our beautiful continent."

"What are Transfrontier Conservancies?."

Transfrontier Parks (TFPs) and Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCAs)

Are established when the authorities responsible for all conservation areas, which border on one another across international boundaries, agree to manage those areas as one integrated unit. These areas may include ecological corridors, private game reserves, communal natural resource management areas and hunting concession areas. These areas have High Diversity in Species being a collective from different countries a to free all the animals to move freely on their old migratory routes.

The mission is to remove all human barriers within the Transfrontier Park or Transfrontier Conservation Area so that animals can roam freely within the local ecosystem. The purpose of these parks is to employ conservation as a land-use option to the benefit of local people. This initiative constitutes some of the most exciting and ambitious conservation projects in the world today. These projects aim to establish large areas for conservation by integrating vast landscapes and re-connecting ecological systems. The benefits to local communities are achieved through the establishment of cross-border tourism and socio-economic development programs, the projects in their entirety promote peace and stability in the region.

Our camps and safaris are set in two unique Frontier Conservation areas. Giving a variety of choice to explore the park on Foot or Vehicle and benefit from traditional knowledge of wildlife, astrology and folklore of each wilderness from the indigenous tribes.

"We present to you our Hand picked Flagship Safari Destinations."