Bird Safaris

Biosphere Reserves

Biosphere reserves belong to the world's most iconic natural areas, from mountains,lakes, rainforests they offer a multitude of opportunities showcasing the balance of sustainable development and conservation. Biosphere reserves are living labs in which people and nature learn- again- how to live and thrive together.These reserves are hand picked, they habit some highly important, rare , endermic flora and fauna species. Most of them being biodiversity hotspots. Blessed with amazing birdlife, primates , plants and reptiles they can be enjoyed by everyone, avid bird watchers , nature lovers and families. Visit Tanzania's Gombe Biosphere East Usamabara Biosphere and The Kingdom of Eswatini's Lubombo Biosphere


Birding Safaris

Most of our safari destinations are birding hotspots and halfway stops for palearctic and intra-african migrant species. Not only do you enjoy the birdlife but you also enjoy the wildlife. Birding on foot , Vehicle or on Boat safari in the care of a professional birding expert guide and a ranger.Our top Birding safari destinations are Lubombo Conservancy in Eswatini and Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.These conservation area are home to Africa’s Big 5 and all the top predators - lion, wild dog, cheetah, leopard and spotted hyena. And the animals are present in large numbers too: Both offer more than 350 bird species , amazing wildlife, breathtaking landscape, Boat safari, walking safari and vehicle safaris. In the hospitable comfort of reputable camps and guides.


Wetland Bird Safaris

A wetland is a distinct ecosytem that is flooded by water, either permanently or seasonally, where oxygen-free processes prevail. Wetlands play a number of functions, including water purification, water storage, processing of carbon and other nutrients, stabilization of shorelines, and support of plants and animals. African Wetlands are also considered the most biologically diverese of all ecosystems, serving as home to a wide range of bird,plant and animal life.Our birding in wetlands is done on boat as a combination of boat safaris,come close tothe majestic African Elephant, Hippos and crocodiles whilst enjoying an array of bird species. The Kingdom of Eswatini offers some amazing wetland safaris our guides are exceptional.