Wildlife Safaris

Fly in Safaris

Fly in Safaris allow for quick ease of access to the most remote safari parks giving more flexibility and time to visit multiple destinations in a given time. Fly over scenic landscapes , wildlife herds, from savannah to beach on the Indian ocean. Experience a wholesome varied holiday in comfort. Flights are mainly charters or run regularly by flight companies. Fly into any of our destinations link below and you will be met at airstrip by our guides and staff who will care for you for your stay in our camp or lodges of your choice in Tanzania , South Africa, Zimbabwe and Eswatini.

Fly in Destinations

Drive in Safaris

Drive in Safaris give you a better scope of the country's landscape,villages,towns , culture and tribes. It is a slow mode of tourism allowing you to lay back and soak in information , communities you will visit on your way to the game reserves. Stopping along the way at scenic , historical and iconic village spots with your guide sharing knowledge of the different experiences. It is the best way to combine culture touring and wildlife safari in Tanzania,Eswatini and South Africa into one cost effecient adventure holiday itinerary. In the link below you will find drive in safari destinations.

Drive in Destinations

Fly Camping Safaris

Fly camping is overnight from your camp, under a mosquito net, with the stars sparkling down on you, and an armed ranger close by! It is a magical experience, undeniably comfortable, but it maintains that incredible feeling of timeless adventure , especially after an exhilarating day of walking and is something which should not be missed. Smell and hear different tracks, types of dung, melodious harmonies, shrill trills, chaotic screeches or soft purrs and be able to identify them. Get up close and personal with herds of majestic wildlife and sleep under the stars.

Fly Camping Destinations