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  1. The Kalahari
    A vast mantle of windblown sand, now red, now pale, organized by ancient winds into undulating dunes and inter-dune streets, or flat further than the horizon, covers much of the land stretching from near the Orange River in South Africa, to the Congo Basin in the north.
    Home of the most ancient race in Africa the San Bushmen, what a great fascinating experience and honor to learn the oldest and best trekking skills from the greatest trekkers to have walked this continent. A race, culture, a skill and wisdom almost wiped out off this planet. It is our greatest responsibility through our safaris to the Kalahari that we share, learn, discover, experience The San ways and surroundings thus support to make sure these skills and cultures survive for it is the most well in depth knowledge and care for our continent and the nature in it and ourselves.

    This is not just a safari. It is a journey through a living story.. One to be told and lived by generations to come

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